Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre
Audience Response
As a Dance Theatre Company committed to developing and expanding our community, we take the voice of our audience very seriously. As many of you know, we present work in many stages of its development for public performance including Open Rehearsals and Workshops, Works-in-Progress nights and Full Productions. Open Rehearsals and Workshops are free events in which our audience can participate physically and with critical feedback towards the development of new performance work, meet Company artists, and learn about the process of creating dance theatre.

As a valued participant in the creative process, please take a moment and answer the questions below in as much detail as you wish. Your words will help us to continue our growth. Thank you for your participation and partnership.

What was your favorite part of a production you saw?
Is there a specific dance piece that stays with you? Please describe. If you would like, please write about more than one.
What was your impression of the lights/sound/costume/scenic elements of a production you saw?
What theme(s) were central to a performance you saw? Please describe its impact on you.
If you talked with your fellow theatre-goers about the production(s), what was the conversation about?
If you had to describe Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre's work to potential new auditors, what might you say?
Additional comments and reflection.


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