Detour - Twelfth Annual Performance Season

Thursday-Saturday June 21-23, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.
New York Live Arts (formerly DTW)
219 West 19th Street (btw 7th and 8th avenues)
$30/$24 Advance $27/$22 Advance Live Arts Members, Students, Seniors
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NYLA Box Office: 212.924.0077

Detour is an evening-length dance theatre work that shifts perspective and perception. Through physical dynamics, luscious movement, and theatrical elements, Detour continually shifts the experience of perception. Turning movement inside out, Detour will play with timing and musicality, stillness and repetition, spatial design and direction. It is in these moments of detour, when the possibilities for change reveal themselves.

"Overall, an ideal evening of dance. The ever-shifting patterns of movement and partnering suggest a dream in which perceptons vary from moment to moment."
-Oberon's Grove
Oberon's Grove Review

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"Ms. Selwyn has her own voice, she speaks from a place within the heart, she is unafraid to peer into the corners of one’s soul. She explores every corner, and what she finds she expresses with movement that which cannot be said in words. Detour explores the concept of perception, of how we perceive or interpret what is before us. It creates a world where surrealism is the norm, a world where perceptions shift constantly, but it is a world that is intriguing and you want to see more." -NYC Dance Stuff
NYC Dance Stuff Review

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Catherine Coury
Alexander Dones
Jenny Gillan
Joori Jung
Justin Lynch
Francisco Silvino
Mackenzie Tyler
Robert Vail

Costume Design
Anna-Alisa Belous

Scenic Design
John McDermott

Projection Design
C. Andrew Bauer

Lighting Design
Dan Ozminkowski

Sound Design
Joel Wilhemi

Stage Manager
Jaimie Van Dyke


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